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Kerri Taylor


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Check out the Journal for more details about the making of each scene.

February 29, 2004:

There were two major casting calls along with separate auditions.  Below are some pictures from the second open call.  It's not all work and no play.  If you can't have fun making movies then you shouldn't be in the business.  Everyone pitched in and wore many hats including myself.  It figures the director gets stuck cleaning up.

May 8, 2004:

Pictures from a location scout for the movie's finale.  These are not set designs.  These are the way the location actually appears!  Very cool.

June 6, 2004:

Principal cast members meet for rehearsal.  Gene Mazza tries on his Chopper outfit while Mike Valenzano dons the costume that Oscar Valentine will wear.

June 13, 2004:

The first day of shooting has Michael Gingold (Eli Korman) in a morgue scene with Johnny Mac (Vinny the Hammer), Mark Pozzutto (Carmine the Mob Boss) and Kevin Iorio (Tony).  Gene uses a stipple brush with black makeup to thicken Mike's beard.

Glen poses with a very crude foam latex body.  Gene preps the body with some blood for the body identification scene.  Carmine tells Eli to do whatever he can to make his son presentable for the funeral.

Sal Sirchia (Sal) sweats it out as he waits to meet with Carmine.  This dramatic scene plays into the finale.  Sometimes under pressure it's hard to keep a straight face.

Mark's performance gets a round of applause.  That's a wrap!  The cast and crew join in for a photo opportunity.  Gene shows off the slate which has a nickname for Glen that went entirely unnoticed all day.  Mike poses for a picture courtesy of Jeff Lieberman (The Squirm).  The picture will be used in the movie for Mike's alter ego Winston Korman.

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