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5th Anniversary Special Edition Available Now


Fear of the Dark

Light & Dark's First Award Winning Feature

Out of the darkness a shape emerges.
You feel a cold shiver run down your spine.
You pull the covers up close to your chin as you hear the floorboards creak.
You see someone standing at the foot of the bed.

What runs through your mind when you lay down in bed for the night?
What do you fear when you turn out the lights?
You pray for salvation but is faith enough?
Is what you see real or is it just . . .


Written, Directed and Produced by Glen Baisley

copyright © 2000
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"The movie gets the star treatment this time around.  Everything is superior in this version, from the opening sequence to the credits.  The special FX are what truly make this film worth watching.  It is an all-around entertaining experience." - Fangoria

New Special Edition DVD Features:

Commentary Chaos - Cast and Crew Commentary

The World of Light and Dark

Original Title Sequence 

Extended and Alternate Endings

Extended Scenes and Deleted Scenes

Behind the Scenes Bloopers

Photo Gallery with Sal Sirchia performing “What You Do In The Dark” and “The Devil’s Tango”

Fear of the Dark: Things That Go Bump in the Night and Other Fun Stuff

Movie Trailer

Fear of the Dark is also available in a movie only version as part of a Pendulum Pictures 50 Movie Pack (12 DVDs) called Mortuary of Madness.


Order it from Amazon.com.

           Fear of the Dark (copyright © 2000), the first movie from the "Black Rose Killer" trilogy, is a psychological thriller that follows a woman's spiral into insanity. Alice Walker fears that the killer from her childhood has returned and only she can stop him.  It  made its debut October 6, 2001 at the Putnam County Film and Video Festival and received a Merit Award (in the form of a plaque) for "Storytelling in a Narrative Feature".  The screenplay was finished after nine drafts.  The film was nonunion and nonpaying with the cast and crew working in a non-paying capacity.  Initial photography took place on July 30, 2000.  Principal photography began August 13, 2000 and continued until August 30, 2000 with additional pick-up shots and scenes being shot up until August 5, 2001.  We went back and shot the new opening in order to give the killer more of a back story.  The added sequence really gives an extra punch to the opening of the movie.  In addition to the new opening we shot an extra ending.  The disembowelment scene caused such a controversy that the film was almost banned from the Putnam County Film and Video Festival.  The movie was finished on September 22, 2001. 

            The movie was shot entirely on Mini DV to save in production costs.  It was shot in Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties which reside in New York.  The soundtrack  features one original song, "What you do in the dark", performed by Sal "the Mayor of Rock and Roll" Sirchia (a musician/actor who will be featured on this season of HBO's Oz).  The musical score is reminiscent to the style of music performed by Goblin for many legendary Italian horror movies.  Ed Shelinsky scored the chase sequences.  Diana Baisley wrote and performed the instrumental tracks using music inspired by Ken Frost.  Malice has written the instrumental song to music inspired by Ken Frost and lyrics that were written by Glen Baisley.

            Anthony Eikner of Doctor Death, created the prop weapons that appear in the movie.  The movie features over half a dozen different weapons with at least six of them being hand crafted for safety consideration.  He was responsible for carrying out the films special effects as well. 

            We have had official coverage in the Beacon Free Press, the New York Times, the Poughkeepsie Journal, the Southern Dutchess News and on News 12 Westchester (we have appeared on there a second time since then) which was pre-taped on August 30, 2000 and was broadcast on Labor Day.  The interview featured the first ever rough cut teaser for the movie featuring music by Ed Shelinsky.  Pictures including the New York Times article picture and a picture taken at News 12 Westchester are posted in the Behind the Scenes section of the web site.

            The Fangoria convention which was held at the New Yorker Hotel on April 7th and 8th of 2001 was a real success.  This was our debut for selected rough cut scenes from the movie.  Fans loved the trailer which we ran at the table.  Fangoria recently listed us in their "Video Chopping List" section of the magazine and featured the disembowelment scene.  Cinescape online featured us in their coverage of Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors as well.

            To date, the movie's signature scene - the mouse smashing scene - has brought more controversy and lured more fans to us than any other scene in any of the projects that we have done.  It has drawn the attention of Hollywood talent such as Bill Diamond (Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock) and Kane Hodder (Jason from the Friday the 13th movies).  The movie helped boost the careers of many of its actors/actresses including Fear of the Dark star Rosemary Gore.  Al Gore's distant relative landed the Paxil (anti-depressant drug) print and commercial ad after they saw her performance in the movie.  She has appeared in the Daily News and on Fox Channel News live.

            Five years after it's release, a new fully loaded DVD special edition featuring new footage will be released on October 3, 2006 from Brain Damage Films.

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