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Fear of the Dark features music by Glen and Diana Baisley, Ken Frost, Malice, Ed Shelinsky and Sal "The Mayor of Rock and Roll" Sirchia.

Fear of the Dark features a number of different styles throughout its score but the main theme is what I think will stand out most.  Depending on the instrument, the octave and tempo, it can easily set the mood of the scene.

The original composition for this theme was written by Ken Frost and the finished score was performed by Diana Baisley.

In the tradition of such movies as the Exorcist, Eyes Wide Shut, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Jaws, and Poltergeist, we decided to keep the main theme very basic.  These movies accomplished unbelievable suspense with a simplistic score.  Their score's simplicity also made them very memorable. 


Malice, Ed Shelinsky and Sal "the Mayor of Rock and Roll" Sirchia (with a picture of Sal from HBO's Oz)


Sounds That Go Bump In The Night (All clips have been resampled at a much lower bit rate to increase download time):

Click here to hear the theme to Fear of the Dark inspired by Ken Frost (380 kilobytes).

Click here to hear an MP3 sample of Ed Shelinsky's "Black Rose Killer" theme (186 kilobytes).

Click here to hear an MP3 of Sal Sirchia's "What You Do In The Dark" (1.3 MB).

Click here to download a video of Sal Sirchia singing "What You Do In The Dark"  and "Can't Love Without You" (Quicktime 6.0 or higher required 18.8 MB).

"Alice I'm waiting for you." (85 kilobytes)

"It's all in your mind Alice." (219 kilobytes)

Fear of the Dark

The madness continues in The Tenement and Sins of the Father!

All music with individual copyrights or otherwise is protected under Fear of the Dark.

Fear of the Dark (copyright 2000)

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