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Anthony Eikner (Dr. Death)

The Man Behind Fear of the Dark's makeup and Effects.

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        Anthony Eikner approached me in the summer of 2000 about working on Fear of the Dark.  At the time I didn't have any idea how I would pull off the effects that were required for Fear of the Dark.  Anthony graciously came on board and helped to redefine what I would like to believe will be some of the most memorable moments in the movie.  Since then, he and I have worked on the film short, The Family Tree.  Listed on this page are Anthony's credits.  Any director would be lucky to have him in their company.  He has been a great friend and co-worker.  


Production Credits:


Script Supervisor     “When the Kids Are Away"    WTKAA prod.


Script Supervisor     “Chatroom”                          Made in Italy Films


Script Supervisor     “On The Job”  episode 1        On the Job Prod. 


Script Supervisor     “On The Job”  TV Pilot           On the Job Prod. 


Script Supervisor     “Antebody”                          CFC Productions


Script Supervisor     “Blackout”                            Look Ma Productions


Script Supervisor     “Ronny Camaro”                   The Real Deal King Prod.     


Script Supervisor     “Chasing Patterns”                Hennig Productions


Script Supervisor     “Chicken Night”                    Power Up Productions


Script Supervisor     “Breaking Up Really Sucks”   Power Up Prod.


Creative Consultant/Special FX

“Facade”                                                              Porcelain Fish Bowl Prod.


Creative Consultant/Actor                           

“The Family Tree”                                                 Light and Dark Prod.


Creative Consultant/Special FX

“Fear Of The Dark”                                               Light and Dark Prod.


Special Make-up FX Artist/Props

“Serving Time”                                                     Best Destiny Prod.


Special Make-up FX Artist/Props

“Moon Dance”                                                      Butter Bean Prod.



"Juliet Mountain”                                                  Death Head Prod.


Key Make-up Artist/Designer                     “Frankenstein”                                                     R. P. I. Field House


Writer/Director                                                            “Pain”                                                                 Death Head Prod.


Special FX Artist                                          

“Super Diva”                                                       A Bard Production


Key Make-up Artist/ Special FX               

“Victoria Pool”                                                     Brothers Prod.



“R.I.P.”                                                              Death Head Prod.


Key Make-up Artist                                       “Guardianship”                                                   Electronic Media Co.


Key Make-up Artist                                      

“Tina and Lance”                                                Brothers Prod.                                       

Other Work Experience:


Trinity Broadcasting Network                             

845-896-4610                                                  Poughkeepsie, NY

Camera Operator for their Worldwide TV show. I worked both in studio and location shoots, for Live and Prerecorded shows, Master control operator, lighting etc. FCC tested and approved.


Palmer Video Productions                                                                                      Alachua, FL

Traveling Camera Operator for live Equestrian events.             


Light & Dark Productions  

Creative consultant and worked on various aspects of production.


Contact Information

(213) 841-3705
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Anthony Eikner
PO Box 741555
Los Angeles, CA 90004-1555
Electronic mail
General Information: DocDeath00@yahoo.com