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Episode 1: Lolli Girl

Starring: Chelsea Roach

The misadventures of a young British woman whose only want in life is to find a friend.

Episode 2: Open Call

Starring: Sandy Oppedisano

For years, Mary David has yearned to escape the dreary boredom of being a housewife.  Now Mary is about to get the opportunity of her life.


Episode 3: Truth, Justice and the American Way

Starring: Stewart Thomas and Chelsea Roach

Father Peter's faith and morality is put to the test after the tragic death of a young woman.


Episode 4: GeoKilling

Starring: Sabrina Coleman, Jaime Colins, Michael Knowles, Joseph Policastro and Haley Rice

A group of friends go geocaching and find an unusual surprise waiting for them at the end of their quest.

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