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                         Episode 2






"Open Call is a solid dramatic horror short... they deliver a tight character driven piece that is easy to enjoy and worth supporting." - CriticalOutcast.com

Starring: Sandy Oppedisano

For years, Mary David has yearned to escape the dreary boredom of being a housewife.  Now Mary is about to get the opportunity of her life.

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Sandy Oppedisano - Mary David

Jack Pruett - Charles Milles

Mike Lane - Jimmy Wayne Garrick

Jude Pucillo - Ex-husband

Mark Pozzuto - Psychiatrist

Sabrina Coleman - Lydia (Mistress)

Mick Fevola - Mickey

Gene Mazza - Seth (Gas Mask Killer)

Yakira Nichols - Waitress

Harmony Nichols - Diner Patron

Thomas Mitrano - Diner Patron

Claire Kesicke - Mary's Mother

Mariah Nichols - Sabrina

Richard Redmond - Peter Jacobs (Casting Director)

Diana Baisley - Casting Assistant

Producer - Dan Deyo

Ed Shelinsky - Cameraman

Michael Gingold - Pedestrian

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Tales of Light & Dark 2013