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Welcome to the quaint little town of Fairview Falls.  Every town has a past that they want to forget, something so horrible that the children still sleep with the lights on!  Sins of the Father (copyright 2001) introduces new characters and brings back many favorites.  In the chilling conclusion to the story that began in Fear of the Dark, B-movie actor, Peter Jacobs returns to his hometown searching for the truth behind the mysterious Black Rose Killer.  What he finds is more than he bargained for.

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The prison and the mental institution (Westmore Psychiatric Facility) stand as lingering testaments of the pain many of the Sins characters have endured.

Check out these links to see the real  institution - King's Field Psychiatric Center:


Ethan Fernier's house.

Got wood?!  Joe Lauria (Ethan/Black Rose Killer) posing in front of a really cool stone house.  This shot only appears in the teaser trailer for Sins of the Father.

Peter Jacobs (Richard Redmond) returns to Fairview Falls seeking answers to the murder of his wife and son.
He is haunted by the role he played in his son's demise.  Brian Spears preps Mike Lane for a shot that will haunt Peter.
Dr. Fisher (Herb Smithline) and Megan Woodrow (Sandy Pasquale) are among the many affected by the evil of the Black Rose Killer.


The Fernier Family: Ethan Fernier(Joe Lauria), Justin Fernier (Don Cebron), Eloise Jackson Fernier (Doreen Valdati) and Elizabeth Fernier (Rachel Figliuzzi)

Eloise and Ethan Fernier (Doreen Valdati and Joe Lauria) - "I killed for you mother ..." 

Ethan signs himself into the Westmore Psychiatric Facility.  Here he is reunited with young Alice Walker (Brianna Nichols) who spends
most of her young life in and out of the facility.  Rosemary Gore plays Alice as an adult.

Ethan meets aspiring model, Isabelle (Isabelle Stephen) and has a deadly affair.  The gallery scene was shot at the Coulter Young Gallery and features the painting "Transformation" which has a bust in it that bares a strange resemblance to actor Joe Lauria. 

It wasn't always wedding bliss with Megan and Ethan. 
Megan is frantic over Ethan's suicide attempt.
A photo of a dead cat isn't the only picture she finds.

Ethan (Pete Barker) meets Alice again many years later in front of the Westmore Psychiatric Facility.  "Roses, I think roses would be appropriate." 

Ina flashback, Ted Gasey (Brian Goldstein) is subdued by Agent Buckley (Mike Mioni) and Nathan Graves (Mark Yonick) during a prisoner transfer.  His son, Lester (Danny Burrett), is questioned years later.

Mental patient, Oscar Valentine (Mike Valenzano) is about to fall into the web of despair spun by the Black Rose Killer.

Peter and Morgan Reynolds (Suzi Leigh) discuss old times.  Peter begins his search for the truth.  He pays a visit to old friends Sal (Sal Sirchia) and Paul (Paul Alli).  He questions Eli Korman (Michael Gingold), the coroner.  He asks the Guvner (Dan Burrett).  Finally, he looks up Annie Woodrow (Maryann Arrien). 

After a mysterious note left by Alec,  Peter finally comes face to face with Ethan and the Black Rose Killer.

Peter signs his book, "Of Light and Dark: Life in the Shadow of the Black Rose Killer" for a fan (Eric Katz).

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