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                         The Taxi Driver




The Taxi Driver

Story #4

He passes his car off as a taxi and picks up women.  He's in for more than he bargained for when now that he prowls the streets of Fairview Falls.  

Ed Shelinsky, the Taxi Driver, appears in front of his 1992 Chevy Caprice Classic (a former police car) which was used as the taxi.

The Taxi Driver prepares for a night on the town.  The door sign was lost on the last night of shooting.  Gia (Gigi) calls a taxi and Red (Diana Baisley) waits with her.  The taxi driver intercepts the call and Gia becomes his latest victim. 

Chastity (Danielle Russo) is chased down by Tommy (Tommy Saladino) who demands to know why she is using the name of his missing girlfriend.  She escapes into the Taxi Driver's cab.

Chastity puts up a better fight than Gia.  When Danielle was younger she always liked to lick the spoon.  Now look at her!  And the reign of terror continues in a surprising twist ending.

FROM THE "IN-BETWEEN" STORY - Never f*ck with the Super.  Simon (Chris Alo) and Nick (Mike Saladino) learn the hard way.

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