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                         Sound of Silence




The Sound of Silence

Story #2

Sarah Weston was born a mute.  She spends her days listening to the radio.  She led a simple and peaceful life until the day she met neighbor, Henry Wallace - a man who has just more than a passing infatuation with Sarah.

Henry Wallace (John Sudol) watches his neighbor Sarah Weston (Carol DiMarsico) dance from afar.  Her father, George (Floyd Gumble) catches him peeking.  Her mother, Ginnie (Victoria Miner) tells him to ignore it.  After they leave the room, Henry climbs the fire escape and pays Sarah a visit.

Henry follows Sarah from the tenement into the countryside and the havoc begins.

Messing with Sarah can make really bad things happen.  Brian Spears applies makeup to a number of the cast's hands (including Carol's) for a gripping scene.  No pun intended.  Here's an interesting shot - me shooting a picture of me shooting Brian doing makeup on John. 

Okay, now Sarah is REALLY pissed!

Sarah dances with Brian Spears creature creation "The Gentleman" (copyright 2001) is terrifying even in its early stages as a clay bust.  The Gentleman (named before Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Hush" episode) was played by Joe Lauria.

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