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The Fictitious Movies of Director Winston Korman

Director Winston Korman (played by Mike Gingold) is best known for his movies Dead to Rites, Jack and Jill (student film where he first met Charles Walker - Alice Walker's father), and No Trespassing (copyrights 2001).

Alex Kaspar's Cimarron Ranch will play host to the movie's horrific opening sequence.  The ranch at one time was a hot spot for many celebrities such as "The Duke" himself, John Wayne.  Maryann checks the old hotel for power.  The main room features a huge stone fireplace.  And, the stage is set for lots of mayhem.  Beyond the main building sits the stable which is still currently in use.

Gene Mazza shows off early conceptual sketches  for the killer known as Rellik which appears in Korman's movie, Dead to Rites (copyright 2001).

Rellik (Rich Lamb) lives!  Glen Baisley and Gene Mazza with Rellik.

Check out more pictures of Rellik in the Rellik Gallery.

Hey Mike, don't you know that sex equals death in a horror movie?  The Ancient Order of the Rose is about to sacrifice virginal Suzi Leigh.  Rich Redmond plays the High Priest in the movie within a movie.  He takes the lead role in Sins of the Father as the semi-retired B-movie horror actor, Peter Jacobs.  The luscious Goth Girls (Andrea Mahnke and Bernadette McComish) steam up the scene.

Joe hams it up for the camera after he gets to try on the Black Rose Killer costume for the first time.  Gene proudly shows off the Rellik mask and then tries it on for size.

Andrea Mahnke (Goth Girl), Gigi (Gia) and Bernadette McComish (Goth Girl) at their auditions before being cast.  After an impromptu audition, Gene Mazza demonstrates how effective the prop shovel is on Joe Lauria.

The locations below appear in the Winston Korman movies, Jack and Jill and No Trespassing.  While contemplating the endless possibilities for additional scenes, Maryann Arrien (gaffer) wonders what a beheading might be like.  Playtime is over.  Maryann checks the power in the tower.  At one time the residence was owned by a millionaire and was later made into a convent.

Danielle Russo (Janice) and Ed Shelinksy (the Taxi Driver) pose for promotional pictures.

Judy Burrett and Gene Mazza come face to face with Sling Blade Bob the Nursery Rhyme Killer in Winston's movie, Jack and Jill.  A majority of the cinematography was done by Maryann Arrien while director, Glen Baisley took a break from behind the camera to play the killer.

Diana Baisley learns never to nag someone when they have sharp tools inches away from their fingertips.

Judy Burrett once again plays the damsel in distress.  This time the setting is a sprawling mansion in which she is at the mercy of the Sistine Slasher (Gene Mazza) in Winston's movie, No Trespassing.


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