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Full Moon Rising

Story #3

Jimmy Wayne Garrick suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.  One night on his way home from a self-help group, Jimmy was bitten by a stray dog.  Now he believes he is becoming a werewolf or is is more than just a crazy man's delusional fantasy?    

Jimmy Wayne Garrick (Mike Lane) is attacked by a wild animal on his way home from group therapy.  He spazzes out in a session with Dr. Fisher (Herb Smithline) who suggests he see a doctor (Emily Lehrman).

Jimmy's strange behavior increases.  "Hey, where's the beef?" 

After Gene Mazza prepped him, Frank (Frank Catalanotto) found out that he should have just let Mike eat the damn hamburger.


More attacks occur throughout the town of Fairview Falls.  Thieves, Denzel (Stan Jay Shields) and Flynn (Eric Yonick), make their way down a dark alley towards the tenement when they are stopped by the growl of an animal.

Leon Taylor (Sha Sha) finds out that Simon's bite is worse than his bark.  Actually, after a stroll with Jimmy, he finds out that something else's bite is more fatal when he takes a stroll down the same alley that Denzel and Flynn did earlier.  It's time for a snack before Jimmy heads over to Teasers.

The seductive Syn DeVil at Teasers.  Sal (Sal Sirchia) pours Jimmy a drink.

The night's events don't end too well.

Brian "Spam" Hammerick and Clint Travis pay a visit to Jimmy at the Westmore Psychiatric Facility.

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