Brittney Evans & Kerri Taylor

In early March of 2004, Fangoria Managing Editor, Michael Gingold approached Light & Dark's Glen Baisley about doing a photo shoot for a movie shoot.  The producers of the horror movie decided to take a different approach and didn't use the photos.  Presented here is the photo shoot in its entirety.  Glen assembled a crew and shot the photos on March 6, 2004.  The makeup concept was designed by Mike and may be used in his forthcoming movie tentatively entitled Fright Club.  Brian Spears (G & S Effects Co.) did the makeup.  Dyna Roswell was  the gaffer.  Diana Baisley assisted us.  Fairview Falls actresses Brittney Evans and Kerri Taylor were the models.  Both Brittney and Kerri were amazing.  It's going to be a real treat working with them in the future.


Brian prepares Kerri's horror makeup by applying talons to her fingers.  He applies makeup from her fingertips to her knuckles to give the illusion that the nails are splitting out of her fingers.

Kerri strikes a patriotic pose before Brittney joins in.  Once Kerri's nails are dry, Brian begins applying makeup to her face.  Glen takes a few "warm-up" snapshots. 

Brittney poses for an artistic shot before the real fun begins.  The shot begins with the first set of outfits.

Brian steps in to add claw marks to Brittney's chest.  After an outfit change, Brittney has Diana do her hair. Meanwhile Brian adds claw marks to Kerri for her solo pictures.

Kerri changes outfits and strikes a pose inspired by Return of the Living Dead Part 3.  Brittney joins in sporting a Catholic schoolgirl getup.

Brittney plays the innocent victim but not for long.  Brian does her fiendish makeup and then things start to heat up.

Brittney strikes some steamy poses with Kerri before Brian cleans her up a little for her solo pictures.

Mike directs and Glen snaps away as Brittney heats up the set with some sexy poses.  Diana runs out in search of cherries.

Kerri takes a break while Brittney finishes then they're both back in full force.  Brittney's cherry idea is the icing on the cake.


Who says modeling is all work and no play?  Brian, Glen and Mike join the girls for a final photo opportunity.

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