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The Photography of Glen Baisley

These pages contain some of my favorite pictures that I have taken.  You'll notice that a great deal of them were taken at sunset or just after dark.  This has always been my favorite time of the day.  I love that feeling in the air as the night just sets in.  A quiet settles across the landscape only broken by the occasional dog bark or the chirp of a cricket.  The suns last rays paint the velvet sky and the moon begins to glow.  I hope I can share a piece of my joy through my art.


Sometimes you have to learn to relax and enjoy what you have.  That's why I enjoy photography.  You look at things from a different perspective.  Take a look around at the things you take for granted and just breathe it all in.  At least that's what I learned after pushing myself too hard.  These pictures were snapped by Kirk Larsen after I moved three 65" projection televisions in a day and blew my knee out for a second time.  This occurred during the production of Fear of the Dark.  One day I hope I'm famous enough to not have to be doing this stuff anymore.  Until then, I'll keep doing what I do - just making enough money to snap my pictures and make my movies.

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