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In this brutally hilarious story there are four friends who have racist views. One of them dies and comes back to life as a Negro. The racists have to tolerate him until they figure out how to lift his curse. Conflict is the essence of comedy, but in this movie RACIAL conflict is the basis for laughter. This is not the tame sort of corny humor that is seen on TV. This is stuff that is going to knock you on your ass. Are you tired of censored comedy? Then look no further. Sit back and watch the latest outrageous comedy from director Bill Zebub.  This is as far as we can push the boundaries while still being funny.  The DVD extras include Bloopers and Skits.

Featuring Light & Dark's Glen Baisley, Mike Lane and Kerri Taylor.

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These movies contains adult subject matters and strong language.  It may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

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