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Click on the links below to buy or download the various projects in which I am featured.  In some cases there are more places to find these projects so please do an internet search or ask your favorite store to carry them.

The Age of the Swords (supporting role of Elibror, principal role of Thulias) FREE DOWNLOAD

B-17 Fortress in the Sky (pilot’s voice) – Wherever video games are sold

The Blood Shed (supporting role of Hubcap)

Fear of the Dark (supporting role of Michael Jacobs)

The King of Fighters 2006 (lead role of Rock Howard) – You can find this title where ever video games are sold.

Learn it Solutions (various roles)  

No Trespassing 2: No Exit (lead role of John) FREE VIEWING

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (principal role of Mr. Tenor) 

Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire (various principal roles) FREE DOWNLOAD 

Star Wars: High Stakes Episode II (principal role of Sith Agent Heth) FREE DOWNLOAD

Star Wars: Parallels (principal role of Kiran) FREE DOWNLOAD 

The Tenement (lead role of Jimmy Wayne Garrick) 

Valez (cameo of crazy neighbor)