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Read what the Critics are saying about Mike Lane:

"… an extremely well made short film, superbly acted by Mike Lane and the ethereally gorgeous Louisa Ward. I was amazed at the ability of the two leads to deliver an emotional, wrenching performance without the benefit of actual dialogue. This is how it’s done!"

                                    -Tom Gleba, NerdRemix.com


“Without a doubt, Mike Lane is one of the most talented and versatile character actors of our time”

                                    -Dave's Horror Reviews

“He’s an amazing character actor.  His sense of timing is impeccable.  Whether it’s improv or just delivering what’s on the written page, he has come through for me every time.”

                                    -Glen Baisley, B-independent.com Message Board


“The acting in the film is the strong point and we get some of the best acting I've ever seen in an independent feature . . .  Mike Lane as Hubcap was not only who I thought to be the best character in the film, but Lanes performance was outstanding. How any actor can act like he did in this film takes a lot of talent. Not only did he have to act like a retarded crackhead with berets in his hair, but he had to wear a pig costume also.  How he stayed in character is beyond me, because it takes talent to play a role like that.

                                    -Horror Bob, The Horror Review


“Mike Lane is one of the funniest actors that I have seen recently.  His character of Jimmy [in The Tenement] who thinks he’s turning into a werewolf, was both funny and brutal.  I am looking forward to seeing even more of his flicks.”

                                    -Kristy Langford, Gates of Gore Webpage


“Mike Lane brilliantly pulls this one off.  I actually believed he was turning into a werewolf… The acting of Mike Lane reminded me of a live action version of the South Park character Tweak, only cranked up.”

                                    -Tracy Crockett, Unspeakablemag.com


“Lane gives a wonderfully funny performance as a man in love with the power and fantasy of being a hairy beast.”

                                    -Eve Blaack, The Hacker’s Source #15


“The werewolf story is a real gem, it’s about a neurotic guy that gets crazier as the scene goes on.  Toward the end he’s such an over-the-top nut that the dialog got several laughs from me, just on the delivery alone.”

                                    -The Horrorist, Horrorwatch.com


“This one’s [The Tenement] also got a really wicked sense of humor and a great actor named Mike Lane filling the lead.  He’s got a knack for spur of the moment improv, having spat out some really clever lines right there on the spot that I think will help this tale stand apart from the others.”

                                    -Gene Mazza, The Hacker’s Source #11


“For ‘The Blood Shed’ I simply cast the best damn actors in the horror indie business today.  My good luck granted me Joshua Nelson, Terry M. West, Mike Lane and Susan Adriensen - all who play my family.”

                                    -Alan Rowe Kelly, DKamin.com


        Mike is one of the most talented people that I have had the pleasure to work with.  He is a versatile actor whose not afraid of a challenge.  He'll dive right in and do what needs to be done for the sake of the character.  Some of the best times that I can remember working on Fear of the Dark were when Mike was on or around the set.  His personality and his humorous antics created a great sense of friendship in the cast and crew.  Never once did he complain.  Well, maybe once, if you count his plea for air when I forgot he was in a closed casket (in the funeral scene) and left him there.

        It has been a great experience working with him.  He made my job an easy one on Fear of the Dark (my first movie).  And when I was tossing around ideas for the next project, he inspired me as to how to portray his character in The Tenement.  I think his role as Jimmy Wayne Garrick is one of the highlights of the movie.  And with Fairview Falls, Mike has cemented our friendship.  Morning, noon and night he was there for me - a shining example of the dedication he has for his craft.

                            -Glen Baisley
                             Light & Dark Productions

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